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Stairs Trim and Finish Woodwork from Dwellings

Custom Stairs

Stairs are often the most complicated piece of woodwork in a home. They need to be beautiful and precise and most of all they need to help you get from one floor to another with confidence. They often have a central location and really deserve to be the center of attention. 

For us, each staircase is custom designed to suit the house it is going into; be it a heavy timber look or a sleek modern approach.

Custom Trim and Finish Work

We have trimmed all the houses we have built (and been subbed in for a few we haven’t). This means we have developed some expertise in hanging reclaimed doors (sometimes a challenge), scribing window sills into strawbale walls, and all other aspect of trim work.

Over the years we have made a number of tables and benches. If you are thinking in particular about a reclaimed or heavy timber look, we can help.

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