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Ottawa Timber Framing Services from Dwellings

Timberframing is really what we love to do, and something we do very well. The scope of a timberframe can range from a whole house including roof structure, just the roof structure or, just a frame to support a conventional roof.

Even if a full timberframe is beyond the means or scope of your building project there is almost always a way to inject some of the timberframe flavour into it using smaller, specific timber elements. For example: a timbered entry, a screened in porch, staircase or fireplace / woodstove surround.

What is timberframing anyway?

Timberframing, post and beam, and heavy timber construction are all terms that refer to construction using large dimension timber. The key difference between these techniques revolves around how the timbers are joined together.

Post and beam structures use an abundance of metal fasteners – sometimes decorative and sometimes not so much. We use a traditional approach, relying heavily on the mortice and tenon joint and oak pegs.  Our frames have very few metal fasteners, although we are happy to call on a local blacksmith when it makes sense.

Most of the timber we use in our frames is pine that comes from fairly close by. A lot of it comes from a small local family owned sawmill.

Often a feature timber from the building site can be incorporated into a frame to add character. On several projects we have used old timber reclaimed from barns or other buildings. This can add a lot of character to a building, not to mention the sense of giving new life to a timber that might otherwise have rotted away or been burned.

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