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Natural Building Construction from Dwellings

Using natural materials whenever possible goes to the heart of who we are and how we approach building. By choosing a local natural material over one that has been processed, refined, created, extruded or travelled thousands of kilometers you are rooting your house in its place and supporting local farmers, sawmills and craftspeople.

Inevitably you collect stories that will become part of the fabric of your house and start to turn it into a home. We have been members of the Ontario Natural Building Coalition since 2005 and currently sit on the board of directors.

Some natural materials we have experience with:

  • Wood (obviously): almost all the timber and other wood we use (for trim etc) comes from a local sawmill. They source timber from the one hundred or so surrounding kilometers. 
  • Straw: straw is an excellent insulator and we have worked on around a dozen houses in which the walls are insulated this way.  The local bales we get around here tend to be wheat or oat straw.
  • Plaster: Generally strawbale walls are sealed with two or three coats of plaster. There are many different plaster recipes, but at their most natural they are mostly clay and sand.  

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