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Custom Home Building Services from Dwellings

Dwellings offers the full range of custom home building services, from whole-house building, to smaller custom projects such as decks, pergolas and additions. We offer specific consulting services and also use our fine woodworking skills on custom furniture and related projects.

Home Building

Over the years we have worked on several projects from the ground up, supervising sub-trades and acting as the general contractor. We'd love to help you realize your vision for your new home. Read more.


Timberframing is really what we love to do, and something we do very well. The scope of a timberframe can range from a whole house including roof structure, just the roof structure or, just a frame to support a conventional roof. Even if a full timberframe is beyond the means or scope of your building project there is almost always a way to inject some of the timberframe flavour into it using smaller, specific timber elements. For example: a timbered entry, a screened in porch, staircase or fireplace/woodstove surround. Read more.

Entries, Porches and Gazebos

These types of structures are well suited to timberframing and are an opportunity to add space and the comfort of wood to an existing structure. After enduring another long winter, pretty much the only place any of us want to be is sitting outside, and the perfect spot for this is in a lovely screened in porch. Read more.

Stairs, trim and other woodwork

Custom stairs, trim and finishing can make a home. Equally, carefully crafted pieces of timber furniture can define your home's various spaces. Read more.

Natural Building

Using natural materials whenever possible goes to the heart of who we are and how we approach building. By choosing a local natural material over one that has been processed, refined, created, extruded or travelled thousands of kilometers you are rooting your house in its place and supporting local farmers, sawmills and craftspeople. Read more.

Whole House Design

Our strong background in the carpentry world, our connections and experience in the natural building world, an insatiable curiosity about energy efficiency and design mean that we bring a wealth of knowledge that is unique among designers. Read more.

Photo Gallery

To get a feel for what we can do, please check out our Portfolio section.

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