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Perth Custom Home Builders Dwellings Serves Eastern Ontario

In its own small way Dwellings is a company that seeks to change the world, one project at a time. Ambitious you might say, but in this world of peak oil and climate change, change is in the air. The building industry is an industry that is dominated, well, by industry. We offer a different approach to building, one that is rooted in the traditions of Europe and Asia.

We are focused on using natural and local materials whenever they are appropriate and available. We are also committed to fostering local craftspeople, by giving them the support and tools they need to explore and deepen their craft.

The result is a timeless, durable home with stories built into every post and hand troweled windows coupled with all the wonders humans have come up with to make houses healthy and habitable. That is to say: high end south facing windows, fresh air, electricity (possibly even produced on site) and a comfortable and efficient heating system.

Whole House Design

Our strong background in the carpentry world, our connections and experience in the natural building world, an insatiable curiosity about energy efficiency and design mean that we bring a wealth of knowledge that is unique among designers. Find out more >

Discover Dwellings

We build houses using craft, integrity, good tools and our wits. Over the past decade we have had the opportunity to work on an amazing variety of projects. The synthesis of craft, sustainability, durability, good design and the use of modern systems are what we use to create a homes that are efficient and timeless.

Read more about Dwellings on our About page.

Watch Us in Action

Check out the videos in our Timberframing section that show us in action.

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Timberframing is really what we love to do, and something we do very well. The scope of a timberframe can range from a whole house including roof structure, just the roof structure or, just a frame to support a conventional roof.
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Over the years we've been able to work on a number of complete house projects. We love working on a whole house from the ground up, supervising sub-trades and acting as the general contractor.
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Entries and Porches

These types of structures are well suited to timberframing and are an opportunity to add space and the comfort of wood to an existing structure.
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Stairs are often the most complicated piece of woodwork in a home. They need to be beautiful and precise and most of all they need to help you get from one floor to another with confidence.
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Trim and Finish Work

Custom stairs, trim and finishing can make a home. Equally, carefully crafted pieces of timber furniture can define your home's various spaces.
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Natural Buildings

Using natural materials whenever possible goes to the heart of who we are and how we approach building. Wood, strawbale and plaster are the primary focus of our natural building projects.
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